Junji Ito x Pokemon ⊟

Pokemon’s about to get real, real creepy, y’all— creepier than even Creepy Black. The Pokemon Company has collaborated with horror manga artist Junji Ito, who you may know from That One Comic About People Obsessed with People-Shaped Holes in a Mountain and every other unsettling Japanese comic you’ve seen online. The collaboration is called “Kowapoke,” or “Scarypoke.”

The Pokemon Company released one preview image in the form of a phone wallpaper, above, featuring the world’s most menacing Banette. They’re also giving t-shirts out in Japan featuring the image, for people who need more personal space, I guess.

Game Freak told us they were freaky.

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LOLOL. I’m writing an essay on Antigone right now dis be relevent.

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snorlax and blaziken (^∇^)

GUUH!! this is a game?! WANT WANT

Whaaa me too!

or without a backlit screen.

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